A Message From the Founder:  Andrew Sanchez  |  Orange, California

" I was looking around for funny t shirts and realized that there wasn't one website with actual funny t shirts. I then started a year-long journey on finding images that were funny but not straight off copy them but instead get ideas from it and make my own. I also designed some of my own from scratch because I had my own funny t shirt ideas. And yes I am still in High School and thanks to all my teachers in Orange High for leaving me little homework so I can ship all shirts in a timely manner. If you don't find a shirt that you think is funny or have any ideas of your own funny t shirt please email it to me via email funnytshirtsshop@gmail.com. I would love and appreciate the support.

If any of these t shirts offended you my apologies that were not my intention but rather make you laugh. Feel free to email us a picture of yourself with your funny shirt on. This always makes gives me the motivation to keep working hard."

- Andrew Sanchez | Founder of Funny T Shirts Shop

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